Our works showcases the application of bricks as well as cultured stones on the interior and exterior surfaces of different projects ranging from Residential to Commercial buildings giving your projects an authentic and natural look.

Cultured Stones – Mix of Antique Bricks and Cobble

Fence Work – Mix of South African Bricks

Residential Building Finish South African Brick Tiles – Merlot

Boundary Wall – Mix of South African Bricks

Cobble Cultured Stones on a Residential Entrance

Cultured Stones, Antique and Cobble Face Finish on A Residential Building

Brick Tiles on Residential Entrance

South African Brick Tiles – Merlot on a Building

Two Story Duplex With South African Brick Tiles

A Super Mart Decorated With Brick Tiles

Norwegian International School Port Harcourt

StoneCast Ltd Headquarters Office Building with Cobble Cultured Stones and Brick Tiles